This is Norton. He is one of my two furry feline gurus.
Close up of gray & white cat's face

This week, Norton and his buddy Kramer (you’ll meet him later) have been teaching me different approaches to marketing. It started like this: they were being totally annoying (as only cats can be), because they were ABSOLUTELY STARVING!! But each was using a very different approach to get what they wanted. And I got to thinking that their actions were beginning to look like individual marketing approaches. Let’s take a closer look…

For purposes of this exploration, we’ll consider food (sustenance) as the equivalent to sales/income (sustenance). Cat’s actions and antics are marketing strategy & tactics. And in this situation, I am the Customer (I have the sustenance, and they want some). And, just for the record, we are dealing here with a cat food based economy (which if anyone is wondering, is motoring along just fine, thank you. Cat food futures look solid. The fundamentals are strong. No, really, they are).

Anyway. Norton tends to approach the world with wide-eyed wonder, and an absolute knowing that “sweetness sells.” His typical strategy unfolds something like this…

Gray & white cat staring at empty food bowl“Doo dee, doo dee, doo dee, doo … oop… I see the bottom of my bowl — yikes! (my bank is empty)” Deep breath. “OK, I’m sure everything is OK. I know that it isn’t always empty. Sometimes there is something in there. Maybe I’ll just keep an eye on it and see what happens…”

See any parallels with your marketing approach? I can see some parallels (…squirm, fidget…) with mine.

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