Why¬† “idea midwife?” Creating, like birthing, is a natural process, with its own ebb and flow, phases, moments of wonder, times when special attention or effort is required, and times when, now matter how much you might want to, pushing is not a good idea.

Let yourself be informed and supported by this natural cycle as you bring your creative ideas to life.

Consider what phase of development your idea is in, and take actions to support and encourage its development and your well being — keeping in mind that, unlike birthing babies, when you birth innovation the gestation period can vary wildly — and you can take a step back, in order to move forward.

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  1. It’s interesting about the natural cycle of birthing a new idea. After completing my book: Walk on Water: How to Make Change Easier, I realized it had taken nine months to “birth”!

    Here are some observations I had along the way:
    *Once I discovered the structure, the development or gestation took place naturally.
    *When it came out into the world I considered it ‘my baby’ and I’m eager to introduce it to new friends everywhere.
    *As is true with any offspring, I’m continuously in a learning mode as it develops.
    *Showing up with it attracts cool new realationships and opportunities!

  2. Oh, Laura, I just adore this analogy. I used to be a childbirth educator and doula so it speaks to me. As a supporter of homebirth, I found myself with an agenda when I was a newbie teacher (i.e., hospitals are bad). Once I realized how my agenda was affecting my teaching and my support of birthing women, I realized I was limiting myself and the experiences of people in my classes. Once I figured out how to let go of my agenda, my classes began filling up and my students always got what they needed.

    Birthing ideas is like birthing babies in that every experience is different and there’s no one way to give birth. The “birther” must trust that her process is right for her. The ONLY goal in birth is healthy baby/healthy mom. How you get there…well, that’s the cool part. It’s different for everyone and it’s an honor to observe the process.

    Birthing an idea is like birthing a baby in that when you visualize the end goal and let go of the “how” you open yourself to a huge range of possibilities you might have missed if you had an agenda about the how-to-do-it. It’s great to have a plan, but flexibility and acceptance of your unique process are key.

    I used the affirmation, “My body births in the way that is right for me and my child,” with my students. What a great affirmation for birthing our ideas too!

    Thanks for the gentle reminder through your use of metaphor here.


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