Laura Lind-Blum

More than 15 years ago, Laura Lind-Blum, the Idea Midwife, went in search of a way to understand and predict the natural ebbs and flows of creative cycles. She discovered Astrology and fell totally in love with the Planets and all their goings-on. She now helps small business owners and other creative souls like you to use the practical wisdom of astrology to guide their businesses and bring their creative work into the world. In addition to personal consultations, Laura also hosts the Hive, an online community & coaching group where we inspire, encourage and hold each other capable in our quest to take meaningful action on the goals that really matter to us — focusing on the next simple steps, in alignment with natural cycles.

Idea Midwife - Coaching & Community to help you bring your work into the world.

Crafter of custom bracelets based on the map of the sky at the moment of your birth

Advocate for Women's Entrepreneurship & the Feminine Principle in Business

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